Why Time Factor Fat Loss?

Welcome to Time Factor Fat Loss!  My name is Ross Gardner. I am a Chiropractic doctor in Vero Beach, Florida. 

In January of 2005 I weighed 396 lb.  I now weigh 194 lbs.  How did I ever get that heavy? How did I get that lost?  The Time Factor Fat Loss movement began with the story of a man who accepted an opportunity and with the help of others saved his life.  

Throughout my new book, I reveal my story of how I got to be a whopping 396 lb and how after nine months of hard work I lost over 200 lbs!

How it felt to wear a 70" waist in pants, and how it now feels to have a waist measurement of just 30 inches.  This story is told in the hopes that others who are in the state that I was in may be able to benefit from my method, and find a way to reverse the downward spiral. 

It is not a pretty story nor is obesity easy to reverse, but if my story can help one person, and their story can help another...well then... who knows where this might lead.  My hope is that by showing you how I did it (and how I would do it if I had to do it all over again), you too can find your way to health, happiness, and peace within.